Monthly & Bi-monthly Pest Control Services

Proficient Pest offers several types of service. Our two most valuable services would be out Monthly and Bi-Monthly pest control. With these services we provide an exterior application one time per month or once every other month without the home owner having to be home waiting on the technician.

Our services come with several perks. The homeowner is given two interior services per year, including fogging the attic, at no charge. This can be requested at the time the exterior service is completed or simply by contacting the office and requesting the monthly service as well as the interior to be completed on a scheduled date. A one hour arrival window will be given, once again providing the homeowner with minimal downtime.

In the event the homeowner experiences additional pest throughout the year, they can easily be solved by a phone call to the office and an appointment will be set up at a time that is convenient for the homeowner. Most additional pest control services for the monthly or bi-monthly customer are rendered at a minimal charge.

Quarterly Pest Control Service

This service is excellent for many homeowners that are not bothered by a cricket or two or do not live in their home the entire year but would still like pest control service throughout the year. This service includes a full yard spray up to 7000 square feet every quarter. Inside services are also available at a minimal charge.

Proficient Pest Specialists also offers one time services for the homeowner who only wants pest control service done one or two times a year.

Bee Control

All bees in the valley that are wild should be considered Africanized. It is of the utmost importance that you are equipped with the proper protective clothing as well as equipment and chemical when exterminating bees. Depending on the placement of the hive, treatment could be as simple as a bee suit and a commercial hand-sprayer with unscented dish soap. If it is possible to minimize chemical dispersal into our surrounding environment Proficient Pest Specialist will do so.

In most cases Proficient Pest Specialists will destroy the hive and remove the comb when possible for a nominal fee (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly customers only). The fee covers chemical and labor. Opening walls to remove inactive hives and repair of the structure, etc., would require additional costs. The non-customer bee treatment fee begins at $150.00.

Bird Control

We employ numerous methods to reduce your bird problem. (Call or Contact us for more information)

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