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Proficient Pest Specialist

Our comprehensive pest control solutions will effectively help you eliminate persistent pest problems. We offer one-time solutions, as well as monthly, bi-monthly, and even quarterly pest control services.

Proficient Pest Solutions

Proficient Pest Specialists provides termite control solutions for residential as well as commercial properties. At this time we use TERMIDOR exclusively for all termite treatments. After all of our years in the industry we feel that Termidor is by far the number one choice when it comes to termidicides.

Proficient Pest Solutions

To keep your home or business’s lawn and/or landscaping free of pesky weeds. We offer services for the average home-owner as well as full annual plans for larger businesses.

Proficient Pest Solutions

Proficient Pest Specialists looks for places painters may miss and fills those spaces with a variety of sealants that expand and contract with the home providing the homeowner with the aesthetically pleasing finish as well as a barrier against unwanted pests.

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