Weed Services

Proficient Pest Specialists professionally applies pre-emergent at six month intervals (per label instructions). During pre-emergent applications a post emergent shall be applied to areas with existing weed growth. Post emergent is most effective when weed growth is between 2 & 6 inches in height & actively growing. Weeds that are in the seed producing stage of life will show little effect.

If you experience weed growth of more than 10% during the treatment period our technician shall return and apply a post-emergent to control said weed growth. Our service will control 90-95% of the weed growth when applied consistently at label rates.

The efficacy of this product will be improved if the application is followed ½ inch of rainfall or its equivalent in sprinkler irrigation. Erratic weed control may result if the product is not activated by rainfall or irrigation within 30 days.

When you begin the application program results tend to improve with each application therefore after the second or third application that has been applied at the recommended intervals weed growth will be at a minimum compared to many neighboring properties.

Proficient Pest Specialists also offers single service weed control for the homeowner that does not require year round assistance. (This service will not remove existing weed growth)