Additional Services

Home Sealing:

Many homes have openings around the base of the exterior as well as at entry points (doors, windows, plumbing, etc.) of the home. In many instances, homeowners believe that when they paint their home the openings are sealed with the caulking provided by painters and those openings are enclosed so pests cannot enter. In most cases painters caulk areas to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and are not concentrating on keeping pests out of the home.

Proficient Pest Specialists looks for places painters may miss and fills those spaces with a variety of sealants that expand and contract with the home providing the homeowner with the aesthetically pleasing finish as well as a barrier against unwanted pests.


T.A.P. Insulation:

This is not only an environmentally friendly product but it is labeled as an insecticide. In many homes the attic is a popular route of entry for pests several months each year. Adding T.A.P. insulation right over the top of your existing insulation will not only provide a pest barrier in the entire attic but it will also help you control your utility costs.

If you have had a roof leak there is a possibility that your existing insulation is contaminated with mold. Rodents, birds and other animals may be using your attic as harborage which means there is contamination by fecal material, etc. Proficient Pest Specialists is also qualified in removal of any or all insulation (depending on the situation) as well as the installation of T.A.P. insulation.